• Selectivity: There is a high degree of audience selectivity available when using radio advertisement. Radio gives a company the ability to focus their message on a specific target audience. Consumers spend more time listening to the radio than watching television.
  • Cost and efficiency: This is a low cost media to use when advertising. Radio commercials require only script that must be read by the radio announcer, meaning that its very inexpensive to produce a radio advertisement. Advertisers can build and target a larger reach and frequency because of the low overall cost of radio.
  • Flexibility: Radio advertisement has a very short closing period. This means the advertiser can change the message up to a few minutes before it airs. These radio commercials can also be produced and scheduled on very short notice and the radio advertisers can easily adjust their message if they want to. 
  • Position: The position the product or service portrays in the mind of the consumer is also of great importance. With radio advertisement the listeners make use of their imagination to imagine the product or service. 
  • Integrated marketing opportunities: Radio stations and their D J's are usually part of the local community and often they are very popular role models and public figures. Advertisers make use of radio stations and their D J's to be ambassadors for their product or service. This will help them enhance their image and their involvement within the local community.
Radio advertising can enhance your companies image and product in a tremendous way if it is done in the right manner and at the right time and place.

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